Upcoming Classes:

Haven's Kitchen, 
A Traditional Moroccan Shabbat Dinner
Friday, April 25, 7PM

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Part of why we founded NYSHUK was to keep our culinary traditions alive and give the opportunity to experience those lost artistry rituals we talk about it.

In order for that to happen, we teach. 

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and passion with everyone, and offer an array of classes; for kids or adults, hands-on or a demonstrations, one on one or groups, all skill levels are welcome to explore the realm of Jewish Middle Eastern food.

For our private cooking class we offer a complete personalized menu, hands–on instructions in the convenience of your own home. You will receive a recipe book and enjoy a complete meal.

Example classes:

The Art of Couscous-

In this class we will give an in-depth look at what exactly is The Art of Couscous, and what it means to ‘hand roll’ your couscous. How to make it from scratch? What is the best technique to make it? What equipment is needed in order to get the best result? We will teach and taste the differences between Moroccan & Tunisian couscous and between sweet & savory couscous.

A traditional Moroccan Friday dinner-

An insight to our own family’s Friday night dinner. We will show you how to make hand rolled couscous, tanzeya, a special dried fruit and nut stew served with slow roasted lamb, and various salads to accompany dinner.

A whole world of salads-

In North African & Middle Eastern cooking, you start your meal, by eating an array of different salads with fresh bread. You will learn the different techniques and ingredient needed to create such rich and flavorful salads.


*Cost varies according to size, location and menu choices
*Please contact us to get more information.


These are pictures from our Haven’s Kitchen class, Photographs: Eunice Choi


Past Classes: 

The Brooklyn Kitchen, Manhattan
Friday, February 28, 2014
6:30PM, 85$

Havens Kitchen
FRI, JAN 31, 2014 
7:00PM $135.00

Bowery Culinary Center, Whole Foods Market
Thursday, February 13, 2014 
6:00 PM , $50

Hand Rolled Couscous Demonstration
LE MOOD, Montreal, Canada
Sunday, Nov 3, 2013

Hand Rolled Couscous Demonstration
WILLIAMS-SONOMA, (59th and Lexington location)
Saturday, oct 26, 3:30-5pm

what it means to ‘hand roll’ your couscous. How to make it from scratch? What is the best technique to make it? What equipment is needed in order to get the best result? We will answer these questions and more.
 Make sure to come by and taste our traditional hand rolled couscous.

An Evening With NYSHUK: A World of Salads
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, $50

You can normally find NYSHUK’s Ron and Leetal Arazi every Saturday selling their signature hand-rolled couscous on the Williamsburg waterfront as part of Smorgasburg’s lineup of local food artisans. Tonight, they’ll shift their focus and teach various techniques for creating an array of vibrant, flavorful recipes that represent their unique culinary heritage. In Northern Africa and the Middle East, mealtimes begin with different salads, served alongside fresh bread. Let Ron and Leetal share their expertise on Jewish Middle Eastern cuisine, and celebrate the beautiful colors, textures, and seasonings of their favorite traditional salads in this hands-on class for home cooks of all skill levels.

On the Menu: Roasted Beets with Tahini and Walnuts; Sautéed Cauliflower & Lentil Salad; Fresh Tomato, Charred Peppers, and Harissa; Lebanese Fattoush (Mixed Vegetable Salad with Za’atar and Gluten-Free Bread Chips); Mediterranean-Style Potato & Herb Salad.

Extract taken from Whole Foods Market website

Haven's Kitchen, 
Cooking Class Thursday, July 25 AT 7PM

Join us for a traditional Jewish Middle Eastern and North African cooking session! we will show you how to make; ‘Kibbeh Nayyeh’- the Middle Eastern version of steak tartar, ‘Lahmajoun’- flat bread topped with minced meat, stuffed cabbage, roasted pepper salad, ‘Fattoush’- pita bread salad with tomatoes and cucumber. From the market and streets of the Middle East we will teach an array of dishes that emphasis the beauty of the different textures, colors, and seasonings of Middle Eastern cooking; Jerusalem Mix’ - a blend of chopped grilled meats with a special spice blend served with an onion & sumac salad and tahini, charred meatballs with white bean hummus and turkish salad (a spiced tomato salad).

Haven's Kitchen, 
A Traditional Moroccan Shabbat supper Cooking Class
Friday, May 17 AT 7PM