Our Story

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NYSHUK is our own story brought to New York City. Like all good stories it involves food. Our goal is to create an interpretation of our own heritage; traditional Jewish middle eastern food. “Shuk” means market in Hebrew and for us the market is the core basis of a united community, a place for local culture and commerce to come together. With every journey we take, it is the market foods of our community that travels with us. The Art of Couscous is a symbol of craftsmanship. It is a labor-intensive process of Semolina flour that is sprinkled with water and rolled with our hands to form tiny granules of couscous. Unfortunately, the art of couscous was lost to the processed instant supermarket couscous.The Art of Couscous is one of many lost cultural culinary rituals.  NYSHUK is here to keep our fresh homemade traditions alive and give us the opportunity to experience those lost artistry rituals.


RON ARAZI, chef and baker

Growing up in Israel, in a Jewish Moroccan-Lebanese home was the beginning of my journey into the realm of professional cooking. I learned the fundamentals in culinary school and in established eateries in Israel. Yet, it was through my travels in France, as well as working under mentor chefs such as Yuhi Fujinaga and Susur Lee in NYC, that I realized the importance of my own culinary heritage and began to value those traditions, and the necessity to establish my own version of Mediterranean - Middle Eastern cuisine.

LEETAL ARAZI- pastry chef, food photographer & stylist

My love affair with the pastry world began at a very young age; my maternal eastern European grandfather who was a professional bread baker, combined with my paternal Turkish grandmother who taught me the best of Middle Eastern cooking was the incredible starting point into a world of culinary delights. It was through my years in London, studying for my degree in Visual Design and Display that I began to shape my perception of all visual art forms. My previous work as a designer and as a pastry chef brought me to my current profession as a Food Stylist & Photographer.