Grilled Halloumi & Le’Kama Sandwich.jpg

Grilled Shawarma flavored Halloumi Sandwich

One of our favorite sandwiches!
The rich flavor of spices from the L’ekama works so well with
the creaminess of the bean spread and the texture of the halloumi.


- Pain de mille bread

-White bean paste (see recipe)

-olive tapenade 

-Shawarma marinated grilled Halloumi cheese  (see recipe below)

-slices tomatoes




Spread the white bean paste and the tapenade on bread, add the grilled halloumi, top with sliced tomatoes and garnish with basil.  


Shawarma marinated Halloumi cheese: 

250g Halloumi cheese, sliced

3 tsp. Shawarma Spice

3 tsp. oil 


Mix the oil and shawarma spice together, add thick slices of cheese and marinate for few hours. When ready to sear the cheese. Warm a frying pan to high heat, place a slice of cheese on the surface of the pan until it gets a nice golden color, and then flip it over. Once removed from the pan, brush another coat of L’ekama.

Must be eaten piping hot!


White bean paste:

200g cooked Cannellini beans

20g a light goat cheese

30 g Crème fraîche

20 g half and half cream

¼ teaspoon crushed white pepper

1 small clove of garlic



Mix until smooth using a hand blender.

To assure an even smoother textures use a fine sieve afterwards.