Sole Fillet in Hawaij Butter
with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes




STEP ONE: make Hawaij butter.

Mix 1/4 cup soft salted butter with 1 tablespoon Hawaij. You can find more ideas on how to use your leftovers butter over here.

HawaijButter_MM-9014 copy.jpg
HawaijButter_MM-8989 copy.jpg
HawaijButter_MM-8931 copy.jpg

STEP TWO: gather your ingredients

  • 2 fillets of sole fish (approx 150g per piece) cleaned from bones. I like the tender taste of Sole in this recipe but any other white fish fillet will do as well; sea bass, red snapper, cod and etc.

  • spinach

  • cherry tomatoes

  • the hawaij butter you just made

  • Also have oil on hand, the regular type. I use sunflower oil


STEP THREE: sautee the tomatoes & spinach

I like to heat the pan, add a touch of oil, and then add the vegetable. One at a time. Once the tomatoes get nicely charred, remove them. with the spinach just make sure that its fully wilted and all the water have evaporated. Lightly season with salt.(if you would rather skip the salt as we are adding them to the pan with the salted butter, feel free to do so.)

Once you put the veggies aside, using a paper towel, wipe the pan so any residues won’t continue to burn.


STEP FOUR: sautee fish, add butter

Using the same method as the veggies; heat the pan, add a bit of oil, lightly season the fish with salt and place your fish fillets in the pan until golden to perfection. Once they are just about ready- add the butter. approx 1 tablespoon of butter per fillet.


STEP FIVE: add the veggies and serve!

Once you added the knob of butter, start basting the fish and covering it with the butter until the fish soaked up all the flavor. add the tomatoes and spinach and serve while still in the pan.

Would go perfectly with a side of mashed potatoes/ israeli couscous or anything else you fancy.