Yep, this is a recipe for a simple lettuce salad.

You might not need one, but you are getting it anyway.

Why? Because let’s face it. Our day to day is not always bells and whistles and one should know how to season a salad with minimum effort (and maximum flavor of course) and when your pantry is stocked right (hi preserved lemon paste) you can rock the hell out of a simple 3 ingredient salad.

It is important for me to show you the magic of the preserved lemon paste. And it truly shines in these simple applications. No need to think of a fancy dressing. Just olive oil and preserved lemon paste. That's it.

You will find this salad on our table with EVERY meal! Depending on what else we are serving will determine if i'll be adding any toppings. When enjoying a big salad for dinner, we usually start with this as the base and throw in a bunch of other vegetables and add in an egg/avocado/roasted chicken (or all of the above).

Serves 4-6 serve

2 romaine heads, roughly chopped

2 tbsp preserve lemon paste, or TT(to taste)

4 tbsp olive oil

Chop the romaine lettuce as fine as you prefer. In a bowl mix the preserved lemon paste with olive oil. mix together. Don’t be afraid to get in there and mix properly with your hands.