Potato Salad

Moroccan Potato salad

A great addition to any party, especially as a side dish for a BBQ meal.
Make sure to get cured black Moroccan olives;
they are more salty and work great with the potatoes.  



4 medium size peeled boiled potatoes

2 tbsp. Harissa

2 tbsp. lemon

4 tbsp. oil

2 tbsp. water

1tsp salt


½ cup chopped black Moroccan olive

Handful chopped parsley/coriander


Start by cutting the potatoes into bite size pieces.

Mix well the Harissa, lemon, oil, water and salt.

toss mixture together with the potatoes.(We want to Make sure to mix carefully, so the potatoes keep their shape in tact)

Sprinkle the olives and herbs when serving.