This is our house salad, my comfort food.

A big bowl of fresh chopped vegetables, seasoned to the max with olive oil and preserved lemon paste.
Crumbled feta cheese, hard boiled egg, olives and fresh crusty bread.
I’ll take this for breakfast, lunch or dinner-- satisfaction guaranteed.


6 persian cucumber, peeled

3 tomatoes

A bunch of scallions/chives, chopped fine

½ a bunch dill, chopped fine

3 tbsp Olive oil

3 tbsp Preserved Lemon Paste

For serving:

Your favorite type of olives

Feta cheese

Hard boiled egg


Optional add-ins: red bell peppers, radishes, parsley, sumac, za’atar

Everytime I make this salad I chop the vegetables differently, if I have the time I chop them more meticulously, if I don't, I chop them roughly. The rule is that there are no rules. Chop the tomatoes and cucumber as you like, add the chopped scallions and dill. Drizzle the olive oil and preserved lemon paste, mix well and adjust the seasoning as you go.

If you are from the camp of people that eat your salad straight from the mixing ball then just top your salad with all the toppings, if you prefer yours on a serving plate, this is the time. Place the salad on a serving plate, arrange the toppings and dig in!