New Product | An East Meets West Cracker Love Story.


Two families. A lifetime’s worth of heritage. Three delicious flavor combinations.

Forget the crackers you know. Meet the crackers you’ll love.

When you mix Hayden Flour Mills stone-milled White Sonora wheat with New York Shuk’s rich & vibrant flavors, magic was bound to happen. And it did.
Inspired by the Middle Eastern pantry and the spices that go with it, these crackers combine ancient Eastern and Western traditions to unlock a cracker’s full potential.

Don’t be fooled by their humble appearance, these crackers pack flavor in all the right places. Harissa is vibrant & piquant. Hawaij is earthy & fragrant. Za’atar is zesty & herbal. Crisp, savory and slightly addictive.

The hardest part is choosing which one you’ll eat next.

Spread love, and plenty of harissa on our new crispy crackers. 
We hope you’ll love eating them as much as we loved making them. 
Order them here.


Happy weekend!


Ron & Leetal