It’s a Hanukkah miracle!

We got some awesome news to share with you. The past few months we been working hard to find ways for us to lower our prices so you can have more Harissa in your pantry.

Its been one of our goals from the get go, we just didn’t realize it will be such a challenge. Being two stubborn Israelis we were determined to find a way for you to enjoy our product, no excuses.

Having a small business, you realize there are way more challenges then those ‘yay! I work for myself’ moments. So we cherish these little wins with everything that we got and glad we can share them with you.

Bottom line,

We have lower, better prices for our HarissaLekama and Tanzeya. So head over to our shop and refill your pantry.


Happy Hanukkah!

Ron & Leetal 



photo: Christine Han Photography

photo: Christine Han Photography